Karl Popper-Library

Foto: Räumlichkeiten der Karl-Popper-Sammlung

The Karl Popper-Library contains the publications, correspondence, manuscripts and other writings which that were purchased 1995 from the estate of Sir Karl Popper. This Collection, which is augmented by various other collections, is accessible for scholarly purposes. For informations and for arrangements contact: Mag.a Nicole Sager, e-mail: nicole.sager(at)uni-klu.ac.at

Since October 2008, when Karl Popper´s copyrights were transferred from the Estate of Karl Popper (yRaymond and Melitta Mew) to the University of Klagenfurt, the Karl Popper-Copyright-Office has been attached to the Karl Popper-Library. All enquiries and requests concerning the translations or re-printing of any of the published writings of Karl Popper should be directed to this office, as should requests for permission to quote from unpublished material. For information contact: Dr. Manfred Lube, e-mail: manfred.lube(at)uni-klu.ac.at